40 Plus Years of Producing Quality Durable Signs and Support Systems!

Precision Signs & Labels has two core divisions, botanical solutions and industrial nameplate solutions, that share in one goal – provide the highest quality product backed by a seasoned team of experts ready to serve each and every customer on a personalized basis and timely manner.

Precision Signs & Labels has been serving the botanical garden industry for over 24 years. Our product quality, superior customer support, and relentless strive for innovation is why customers keep ordering from us year over year. We understand the diverse needs of the botanical industry and strive to come up with products and solutions that meet the needs of an industry that work very closely with the fickle side of Mother Nature.

Plant identification signs should blend in with the natural beauty that surrounds them, enhance a garden’s presentation, and stand up for many years to the harshest of weather conditions. A top-quality botanical marker will bake in the summer sun, freeze in the winter snow, be pelted with harsh salt spray or wind-born dust, and look none the worse for it, year after year after year.   Top Quality plant signs are in our DNA!

Our quality speaks for itself. Many of our customers come to us for our high-grade, premium sign offerings made from a state-of-the-art anodized aluminum material. The material allows us to embed images and text within a sapphire-hard anodized layer that meets the most stringent specifications for durability. In fact, our signs almost sell themselves, since most of our sales to new customers come via word-of-mouth referrals. We make the finest anodized aluminum identification signs in the world. Their attractiveness, quality of construction, and durability are second to none.

In addition to our quality sign offering, we also offer a variety of superior plant sign support systems. Included in our custom offering, we also have some standard sizes and variety in which to choose. Our own NameStake® brands as well as Post and MiniPost supports are our most popular selections.

In recent years, Precision Signs & Labels have found other areas to grow their business including providing plant, tree and flower signage for the botanical garden industry. The Military / Government Specification division has experienced tremendous growth over the last several years. As a result, Precision Signs & Labels has been able to invest in that area as well as the botanical garden division to further expand and enhance the solutions and services they provided—and have been known for all these years.