The new signs look great! All art pieces are now labeled with a type of metal label at a 45 degree angle. This is in addition to the art trail brochure we make available to all visitors!
– Mark
Phil - Thanks so much for your excellent work and prompt response for work done for me! Have a good day!
– Lyle P.
Phil - The signs you made are great! Our organization is very pleased. It's nice doing business with you!
– Ron
The signs arrived today and they look great! Thanks for your help with everything!
– Kelly C.
You guys are wonderful. Thank you very much for remaking the sign for us. I really appreciate the outstanding customer service!
– Catherine
I want to thank you for completing and sending our recent order in such a short amount of time. The package arrived on Thursday, and the signs were beautifully made, as always! The families were very happy to have the signs in place for the service. We had a perfect day for the celebration...sunny, light breeze, and in the 70s. I couldn't have asked for anything better!
– Rhonda
Thank you so much for the very handsome botanical signs, and for having them delivered so quickly! They arrived Thursday, it rained Thursday (Hallelujah!), and we installed them Friday. The grant committee visited Monday morning and they were very positive. One woman wrote down your company's name so she can perhaps order from you, too. This project has been on our wish list for a while, and we're thrilled with the result. One of my favorite residents told me last week that she' going to research several of the trees this winter, now that they're identified. Inglis has a great computer center where she can work, and we're hoping to set up a bulletin board to display some of her findings. The Director of Engineering asked me today if we can order more signs next year, perhaps in groups of 10. I know we can order in smaller batches, but would you please tell me the cost per sign, plus handling and shipping? Pretty cool that people already want more!
– Cindy